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Finished! The blog is now hosted on the Heroku cloud application platform. - 04.09.2012

Long time, no content. That's because I'm traveling a lot and rewriting my blog in clojure. Building real world projects in functional languages is fun. Maybe the next few entries will be kind of "making of". The project can be found here: https://github.com/kremers/cblog.

The "making of" our kitchen table, new Pictures are available, see "Do it yourself"

Finished big parts of some LISP / Clojure things, now available on GitHub. A bit functionality to connect Clojure with Membase is still missing (now "Couchbase Server") see "Software" for more details - 14.02.2011

Moved to a new flat with my girlfriend. Everything is nearly finished, need only to finish a few things in the workroom - 11.02.2011

Finally bought the last presents for Christmas today. Learning a lot about Clojure Macros, Clojure Script and the lambda calculus. Also wrote an spymemcached adapter for the Web Application stack - 23.12.2011

Building my Clojure Web Application stack. I should install ubuntu instead of debian lenny on my server. Woking with new technology on older systems is hard. Wondering about why memcached binary protocol does not work: Debian lenny uses v.1.2.2 instead of 1.2.8 implementation (only 1.2.8+ supports the binary protocol). - 18.12.2011

Had a session with Peter Beargie (HP) yesterday. Topics: Engine as a Webservice (EWS), Message Broker (MQ) Integration and writing Dynamic Data Access (DDA) components in Java, C++ or .Net (C#). - 15.12.2011